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Happy Friday Parents and Teachers!

This year we are focusing on our three-step discipleship plan.

Step 1: Work on your relationship with God. (Building up Self)

Step 2: Talk about God with your family and your chosen family. (Building up Family)

Step 3: Pray and be curious about how God is using you to build up Christian Community. (Building up Community)

From now on, I am going to try to organize these emails in that step progression rather than by date. (The calendar will remain if that is still easier for you.) So what step are you and your family on? Let’s see if we can get everyone from step 1 (or pick a lower number, if that is where you are) to step three. Let’s Build up this Community of Christ.

Step 1 Activities: (Building up Self)

Sunday School- Regular Sunday School this Sunday!

The Spirituality of Following Jesus-There is still time to join us for the Lenten groups. They are Friday Nights from 6-8pm. This week one of the small groups is making crock pot dinners for everyone. There will be lots of tasty options. Fr. Taylor is pulling his lessons from the book by Ruth Haley Barton: Sacred Rhythms. Here is the Link to it on Kindle: Make sure you pick up the hardcover book, it seems that the soft cover is just the participant guide.

Step 2 Activities: (Building up Family)

Family Dinner Night- There is a new ministry in the works where members of the Trinity Community would like to make dinners for the younger families. The goal is for some former young families to get to know current young families better and to give you guys the opportunity to not have to worry about making dinner, instead having more time for family dinner together. Elaine and Bob Chagnon are leading this ministry. They are going to be in contact with you in the coming days to see if you are interested in receiving these dinners and what you all like to eat. So be on the lookout!

Step 3 Activities: (Building up Community)

Camp ROCKY RAILWAY- Registration for Camp ROCKY RAILWAY has begun, and we have our first participants already! Camp is a great way to meet new people both within our church and from outside. Our goal this year is to bring in new families from the village and beyond. So, parents, let your friends know and encourage them to register their kids. We are always looking for more volunteers from decorating all the way through the actual week of Camp so please check out our Camp ROCKY RAILWAY registration site and let us know how you can help. We NEED your involvement.

Open Mic Night at Trinity Church!!On March 27th, we are going to take a break from the Lenten Program and host an Open Mic Night! This is a chance for all of us to get together and invite our friends(!!) to a really great community building event. We are going to be celebrating our many talents with great food and fellowship! See Fr. Taylor to sign up or with Questions.

See you Sunday!



Sunday March 8

DIGG Church, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday March 15

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday March 22

Regular Sunday School, Mystery Room Challenge! Joint Youth Group with Old Saint Andrews and St. Albans 12-2:15 pm!

Sunday March 29

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday, April 5

Palm Sunday, meet outside in the back parking lot before church- walk in together!

Thursday, April 9

Maundy Thursday 7 pm

Friday, April 10

Good Friday- I am trying to find a Stations of the Cross Service for us to go watch or 7 pm Service

Saturday, April 11

Easter Egg Hunt, 9 am set up- NEED AN EASTER BUNNY STILL!!- 11 am Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Vigil 8 pm **New Time**

Sunday, April 12

9 am Service

Trinity Family Brunch

11 am Service

Sunday, April 19

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday, April 26

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

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