Merry Christmas! Video this Sunday: The Christmas Chronicles!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Parents and Teachers!

No Sunday School or Youth Group this coming Sunday! - This is Christmas break for everyone, including our Sunday School Teachers! There will be a video in the chapel. We are going to attempt to watch The Christmas Chronicles, which I downloaded from Netflix.

Family New Year’s Eve Party- Gaga Party from 6-9 pm with potluck dinner and desserts, board games, crafts, and a fun movie on the big screen! This years New Year’s Eve Party is going to be Epic!! Sign up will be in the Foyer or sign up through FB at If you cannot come but you know someone who might be interested, consider inviting them. This New Year’s Eve party is not just for Trinity Members. This is an opportunity to make the church building feel accessible to members of the community. Trinity Episcopal is the Communities Church!


We like to think of January as the calm between storms. We just got over the insanity of the holiday season with its parties and concerts and tree lightings and… never mind the shopping in between. And soon Easter seasons will be upon us with it’s hint of spring, colorful pastels, and promise of new life. But in between, we have January and February where, unless you like skiing/snowboarding, we spend most of our time indoors. This is the perfect time to evaluate where you are as a family and what you are looking for as your family walks this journey with Christ. As you know I am great at making plans; but they don’t always work out. (As a reference, just go back to some of those early fall emails… what ever happened to the big three dinners and making it work classes?) I understand that we get busy, but right now, lets all commit to a priority check. Whenever an opportunity arises, before you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ stop and thing: how does this opportunity fall in line with my priorities or our priority as a family. If you are not sure, instead of saying “I don’t have time for that” say “It’s not a priority right now”. Sometimes just saying those words will change your perspective.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I hope to see you all at the Family New Year’s Eve Party!



Sunday, December 29th

No Sunday School or youth Group- Christmas Break (Movie in the Chapel)

Tuesday, December 31st

Family New Years Eve Party 6-9 pm

Sunday, January 5th

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6pm (We will start our Bible Study this week)

Sunday, January 12th

DIGG, Youth Group, 5-6 pm

Wednesday, January 15th

New Emerging/ Young Adult Group- for those who have left high school and are missing out on the Christian Community they had before; join us at Manda Lavallee’s house in Windsor Locks for community building and continued discipleship. The first meeting will be January 15th and we will meet the third Wednesday of every month thereafter. And as always feel free to invite your friends; building community depends on your invitation.

Sunday, January 19th

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group- Escape Room (Time TBD) Mission Trip Meeting 5-6 pm Youth Room (Potluck Dinner and dessert)

Sunday, January 26th

Regular Sunday School, Annual Meeting (Please come! We have a new Senior Warden and you are going to want to hear what they have to say!) Ice Skating for those who want to: 2-4:30 pm at Simsbury Farms. Please RSVP ahead of time so I can give Simsbury Farms a headcount. Youth Group Bible Study 5-6 pm in the youth room.

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