3 Step plan for Discipleship begins with...

Happy Hump Day Parents and Teachers!

This year we are focusing on our three-step discipleship plan.

Step 1: Work on your relationship with God. (Building up Self)

Step 2: Talk about God with your family and your chosen family. (Building up Family)

Step 3: Pray and be curious about how God is using you to build up Christian Community. (Building up Community)

From now on, I am going to try to organize these emails in that step progression rather than by date. (The calendar will remain if that is still easier for you.) So What step are you and your family on? Let’s see if we can get everyone from step 1 (or pick a lower number, if that is where you are) to step three. Let’s Build up this Community of Christ.

Step 1 Activities: (Building up Self)

Sunday School- Regular Sunday School.

Up-coming Lenten Program- Fr. Taylor has been working on some ideas for the Lenten Program this year. I think it is going to be a great opportunity to learn about and work on some of the spiritual practices that might help you draw closer to God.

Step 2 Activities: (Building up Family)

Mission Trip Meeting: is this Sunday from 5-6 pm in the youth room! We are going to meet to discuss our Summer Trip to Soulfest. Remember this is a family included event! Soulfest is held at Gunstock Resort in Gunstock, NH. There are campground type activities available, there is also a ropes course on site, a pond for swimming and boating, as well as Soulfest vendors set up all round the base of the slopes.

Step 3 Activities: (Building up Community)

Youth Group- Parents of youth group students, please don’t forget that we are meeting sometime next week to talk about the direction of the Youth Group for the second half of the year. Here is the link to vote for a meeting time on doodle. Please pick your availability today so that we can all make plans.

Emerging/ Young Adult group- TONIGHT!!! We are forming a new group for those in the emerging/ Young Adult life stages. This is for anyone age 18 to 35. Our First meeting is January 15th at 6:30pm at Manda’s house. Please bring your worst or weirdest gift as part of an ice breaker/ gift exchange. It should be wrapped but if you have already put all your stuff away, I have all the fixings for a last-minute wrapping job. I will provide the snacks. Please text me for my address and to let me know you are coming. 860-836-6129.

See you Sunday!



Wednesday, January 15th

New Emerging/ Young Adult Group 6:30-8 pm

Sunday, January 19th

Regular Sunday School, Mission Trip Meeting 5-6 pm Youth Room (Potluck Dinner and dessert)

Sunday, January 26th

Regular Sunday School, Annual Meeting (Please come! We have a new Senior Warden and you are going to want to hear what they have to say!)


Sunday, February 2

Regular Sunday School, Game Day 3:30-5 pm

Sunday, February 9

DIGG Church, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday, February 16

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday, February 23

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday March 1

Regular Sunday School, Evensong 5:30 pm

Sunday March 8

DIGG Church, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday March 15

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday March 22

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

Sunday March 29

Regular Sunday School, Youth Group 5-6 pm

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