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Family Ministries at Trinity Church, Tariffville

Walking with you through all stages of Life
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Until we have more direction from the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut and the CDC, we are putting all "Next Events" on hold.  Until then, check out some of our opportunities for prayer and Fellowship!

Inviting your Family to join our Family

At Trinity Church, Tariffville we believe that families are important; but not every family looks the same. So we invite you, and all your family, to join our family as we worship, live, and grow together as the body of Christ. 

Marriage and Baptism

For both Marriage and Baptisms we begin by meeting the couple ahead of time. We offer premarital counseling which offers a chance for couples to have some conversations they never thought to have before. We also offer Pre-baptismal counseling which gives the couple a chance to look behind the traditional sacrament and discuss what it really means to be baptized into the family of Christ. 

Sunday School

During the 9:45 am Sunday Service, Children, from preschool to High school age, have the opportunity to go to Sunday School.  We offer the David C Cook Curriculum for developmentally appropriate lessons based on the Anglican Lectionary. Children go to Sunday School after the Red Box Sermon is presented and return during Communion. Snack is provided during Sunday School.

Youth and Young Adult

Youth Group for Students in both Middle and High School is Sunday evenings from 5-6 pm. One Sunday per month we also have a Youth Group Event. These can range from Escape Rooms to Six Flags to Volunteering. The Young Adult Ministries attempts to gather Emerging and Young adults together to create a support system for these members who so often get left behind. 


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Family Ministries at Trinity Church, Tariffville is one small part of what makes up our church community. Check out The Trinity Website at www.TrinityTariffville.org for more information about the community church on the hill!


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